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Senate VP defends transfer of neighborhood from Utuado to Jayuya

Senate Vice President Marially González Huertas

By John McPhaul

The Tetuán 3 neighborhood of Utuado could pass to the municipality of Jayuya after the filing of a bill by Senate Vice President Marially González Huertas, who denied any conflict of interest despite the fact that she is the daughter of Jayuya Mayor Jorge González Otero.

“Senate Bill 418 is a bill by petition,” the senator said. “It is not that it comes from the mind or creativity of the senator who in this case represents Utuado; this movement began in 1988 with people of different ideologies.”

“I received a letter with more than 80 signatures, I approached the mayor of Jayuya and the mayor of Utuado asked if I am the daughter of the mayor of Jayuya, and I carry it with pride,” González Huertas added.

She said the residents of Tetuán 3 seek services in Jayuya.

“Yesterday it was corroborated, the chairwoman of the [Municipal and Housing Affairs] committee, Migdalia González [Arroyo], certified that all services are received in Jayuya,” González Huertas said.

She noted that in the Tetuán 3 neighborhood “there are still dirt roads and it’s shameful.”

“There are sectors that do not have potable water,” she said. “I don’t think that the basis of this [complaint] is valid just because I am the daughter of the mayor of Jayuya. Please!”

“There is no conflict,” González Huertas said. “I am the senator for the district of Ponce.”

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