Senator calls for statement of support for protests in Cuba

By John McPhaul

New Progressive Party Sen. Gregorio Matías Rosario requested on Thursday that the upper chamber, through Senate Resolution 279, express the strongest support and solidarity with the Cuban people who have risen up against the government in Cuba.

The at-large senator spoke out against human rights abuses and the actions of the communist regime that have caused the current crisis of lack of food, medicine and health measures against the COVID-19 pandemic.

“In recent days we have seen a people tired of abuses that have taken to the streets to demand that their rights be vindicated and that democracy return to the island of Cuba,” the senator said. “We cannot take a long view and it is our duty to send a clear message of solidarity so that our Cuban brothers know that we support them in their historic struggle.”

According to the measure’s statement of purpose: “the communist dictatorship in Cuba, today under the command of Miguel Díaz-Canel, continues its repression of the Cuban people and those who differ through intimidation, violence and harassment.”

A series of images have been made public, nationally and internationally, showing protests in more than a dozen cities in the Caribbean island nation to demand changes and denounce the evident inability of Cuba’s communist authoritarian political system, which after more than 60 years, shows that it cannot cope with the food, economic and public health crisis that has caused the loss of thousands of lives, Rosario said.

“It is necessary that today we put ourselves on the right side of history and show our clearest support and solidarity with the [citizens] of the neighboring island of Cuba and express our equal desire so that, once and for all, they succeed in vindicating fundamental and universal rights, including the right to peaceful protest and the right to freely determine their own future through a real democracy that allows them to freely elect their rulers,” he said.

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