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Senator chides governor for not meeting with mayors of blacked out towns

Guayama District Sen. Héctor Santiago Torres

By The Star Staff

Guayama District Sen. Héctor Santiago Torres demanded on Wednesday that Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia urgently meet with the mayors in the southern region who are enduring a crisis due to the lack of electrical service in their communities and that he speak the truth about the plan to address the situation.

The senator said he was surprised that to date the governor has not met with the mayors of Coamo, Santa Isabel and Aibonito, that he has not visited the impacted towns and, what in his opinion is worse, that there is no clear roadmap for what the solution to the problem will be, which was initially said to take eight weeks, of which two have already passed.

“This situation has been handled negligently by both LUMA and the executive agencies,” Santiago Torres said. “For the governor, nothing is happening and he has not even shown his face to convey any respect or empathy for the suffering of the inhabitants of the south and at this point he has not even gone there.”

The Popular Democratic Party senator noted as an example that in a newspaper article published Wednesday, Pierluisi said he anticipates that in a maximum of two weeks the mega transformer that will replace a damaged one will be installed and operational, while later a senior executive from LUMA maintained that it will not be before mid-July because it depends on a DTOP evaluation.

“This is a crisis …,” Santiago Torres said. “First, tell the truth, and second, show respect by at least visiting the area so that you know what those who are living firsthand with the lack of a basic service are really going through.”

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