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Senator orders Ponce school closed after finding it in ‘terrible condition’

By The Star Staff

The students at Ramos Antonini School in Ponce will be taking classes online beginning tomorrow after the intervention of Sen. Marially González Huertas, who said she found the school campus in “terrible condition.”

The inspection was made as part of an on-site hearing of the Senate Compliance and Restructuring Committee, which is chaired by González Huertas, the senator for the Ponce District and vice president of the upper chamber. The school ordered closed by the senator has 183 short columns and is now in a bidding process to begin its reconstruction. Work done by the Public Schools Improvement Office was completely cosmetic, González Huertas said, adding that holding classes there puts the safety of the school community at risk.

“It is incredible that on this day students were received at Ramos Antonino de Ponce school, when through a visual inspection, the deterioration of the campus can be immediately noticed,” the senator said. “On this day they were totally negligent in bringing our children into a highly dangerous structure, because the cracks were not fixed after the school was damaged by the past [January 2020] earthquake events. It is outrageous that no one in the Department of Education took charge of making sure that students came to take their classes in a safe place.”

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