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Senator promotes women participation in sports

Senator for the District of Carolina, Marissa ‘Marissita’ Jiménez.

By The Star Staff

As part of her commitment to promote equal participation of women in sports, the senator for the District of Carolina, Marissa ‘Marissita’ Jiménez, announced the allocation of over $15,000 for the development of basketball clinics in that municipality offered by players of the National Women’s Superior Basketball (BSNF by its Spanish initials) and in coordination with the Department of Recreation and Sports.

“Our goal is to encourage the participation of young women in the discipline of basketball, for this, and in conjunction with the BSNF board we have developed a series of clinics focused on basketball technique and skills which will be provided by BSNF players including the Carolina Giants team in the Carolina public housing complexes, as an initial phase and then throughout the District,” the Senator said in a written statement.

“The budget allocation recommendation is aimed at holding these clinics beginning this October and extending until the start of the new BSNF season in 2024. The north is to encourage the participation of women in sport and attract attention to women’s superior basketball, where our athletes have shown class to compete on the best stages in the world,” added the Senator.

The statements of the Senator for the New Progressive Party were given during the final series game between the Carolina Giants and the Athenians of Manatee held Monday at the Guillermo Angúlo Coliseum.

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