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Senator to deliver 160 generators to her Mayagüez district

Sen. Ada García Montes (a la derecha)

By John McPhaul

Mayagüez District Sen. Ada García Montes announced Monday that authorities will deliver -- through the SaLuz para Todos program -- around 160 electricity generators among the municipalities that compose the senatorial district that she represents, especially among people suffering from chronic diseases.

“The purpose of the program is to offer an incentive to citizens of the western region who suffer from a chronic disease in which their lives depend on being connected to the electric power service at all times,” the senator said in a written statement.

“SaLuz para Todos is an initiative so that those people who need to be connected to the electric power service due to a health condition can have a generator that offers them the guarantee that in the absence of lights they have the resources to deal with it,” García Montes said. “The reality is that in the western region the interruptions in the electric power service are constant and sometimes extend up to days, and this implies a concern for the people who depend on the service for their lives. This aid will be extended to each of the municipalities that I represent so that mayors have generators that they can provide to citizens who need them in the middle of an emergency.”

Through the program, five electrical generators will be delivered to each of the municipalities of the Mayagüez District. García Montes said she will have an additional 100 available for people suffering from a chronic disease that requires that they be connected to electric power service.

Those with chronic diseases that will be considered are dialysis patients, kidney patients, and people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases, among others.

To request the generator, citizens must present a medical certificate that validates their condition, a water or electricity bill, which proves that they are a resident of one of the 12 municipalities that make up the Mayagüez Senate District, and a valid photo identification issued by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.

Once the documents have been submitted, an evaluation will be conducted and subsequently the successful applicant will be informed on the process for receiving the generator.

“The central government has to deal with the energy crisis immediately. Thousands of people across the island depend on this service,” the senator said. “To this are added bedridden people, diabetics who need to keep their medications refrigerated and elderly people for whom handling equipment such as generators represent a problem. We all pay for a service, which is becoming more expensive every day, and we have the right that it be made efficient.”

García Montes noted that interested individuals should contact the office at 787-721-3211. Through a telephone call, the orientation and pre-evaluation process will be conducted. Calls will be taken through next Wednesday, Oct. 27.

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