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Senator to present ‘proposal’ for finding a ‘better candidate’ for women’s advocate

Sen. Joanne Rodríguez Veve

By The Star Staff

Without clarifying whether there will be legislation, Dignity Project Sen. Joanne Rodríguez Veve said Monday she will present a proposal to fill the women’s advocate position with a candidate who can “really meet the needs” and “can represent the vast majority of women.”

Vilmarie Rivera Sierra opted to have her name withdrawn a couple of weeks ago as a nominee for women’s advocate, arguing that she felt violated by the confirmation process. Rodríguez Veve lamented her remarks and stressed that, despite their differences, they maintained a good relationship during the nomination process.

“In the next few days, I will be presenting […] a proposal that would broaden the possibilities of finding a better candidate to assume that position,” Rodríguez Veve said in a radio interview. “I will share details over the next few days. […] I will be presenting an alternative.”

Likewise, she criticized Rivera Sierra for showing that she could not assume “categorical positions” regarding issues such as education, the participation of trans women in women’s sports teams, or the scenario in which a trans woman who commits a crime has to go to jail.

She also rejected the candidate’s support for a gender perspective approach.

“The approach that she publicly communicated to direct the Office [of the Women’s Advocate], which is the approach with a gender perspective, is an approach that has failed and is not really going to bring the results that we are all hoping for the benefit of women,” the senator said.

Rodríguez Veve reiterated that the gender perspective approach, which supports implementing inclusive language, is unconstitutional.

“In my opinion, this requirement [of gender perspective] is unconstitutional [...] because it seems to me that it discriminates based on religious beliefs and, furthermore, political beliefs,” she said.

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