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Senator urges approval of nutritional label legislation

By The Star Staff

Within the framework of International Health Day, Senate Health Committee Chairman Rubén Soto Rivera urged the House Sunday to bring to a vote House Bill 766, the “Nutritional Warning Labels Act,” which has been lingering in the Rules and Calendar Committee since March 2023.

“On this day, people are educated about the importance of everyone having access to a healthy life. One of the objectives of this bill is to make essential information about the products that can affect or hinder their health accessible to consumers. It is regrettable that since March 2023, this significant bill has been sleeping the sleep of the righteous in the Senate, which is why I insist that it is time to schedule a date to see it in the plenary session and approve it,” explained the District of Arecibo senator.

Soto Rivera explained that this legislation would empower consumers through information and ensure that food products high in sugar, calories, saturated fat, and sodium are properly identified on their labels.

“Bill 766 not only seeks to implement a clear and accessible labeling system but also establishes a strong public policy in favor of education about healthy eating. This senator is committed to promoting an informed citizenry aware of their dietary decisions, thus contributing to the prevention of chronic diseases and improving the quality of life of our people,” he said.

The senator emphasized that the legislation is a step forward in fighting for a healthier society.

“It is our duty as legislators to protect and promote the well-being of our citizens and not allow ourselves to be convinced by people who seek to benefit large companies that would be greatly affected by the approval of this measure. We know that the big interests do not want this law to be approved. Still, we senators must set an example, and we must approve this law to send the clear message that the health of our people is a priority,” he concluded.

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