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Seven candidates now in the running for UPR president

By The Star Staff

The Search and Consultation Committee of the University of Puerto Rico Governing Board unveiled on Monday the names of seven candidates for UPR president.

The applicants must visit the Academic Senates of each campus in February for their evaluation and recommendations. The evaluation group of the governing body is preparing to validate the information presented by the applicants with the corresponding departments and institutions to ensure that they meet the criteria required to refer the files that those who comply with as the final list for evaluation of the Academic Senates.

The group of applicants is made up of: UPR-Arecibo chancellor Carlos A. Andújar, Emilio Arsuaga, external candidate from the UPR community; Dipak K. Banerjee, a professor of Biochemistry at the Medical Sciences Campus; Ubaldo M. Córdova, current Vice President for Academic Affairs and Research; UPR Rio Piedras Chancellor Luis A. Ferrao; Nicolás Linares, faculty member of the Speech Pathology Program at the Medical Sciences Campus; and Alexandra Medina, program director of the US National Science Foundation.

The Committee notified the community after waiting several days after the deadline to present candidacies in order to give them the opportunity to receive documents via certified mail.

For his part, the president of the Search and Consultation Committee, Alejandro Camporreale, thanked the stakeholders for participating in this important process.

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