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Shortage of OR techs causing disruption at Centro Médico

The head of the Puerto Rico Medical Services Administration says a shortage of operating room technicians is islandwide.

By The Star Staff

Puerto Rico Medical Services Administration Executive Director Jorge Matta said Tuesday that a problem exists with a shortage of operating room technicians, which makes the surgical process difficult at the Río Piedras Medical Center.

“Yes, there is a situation throughout Puerto Rico with operating room technicians, just like with other technicians, but mostly with operating room technicians,” Matta said in a radio interview. “You have it with all the hospitals in Puerto Rico and the Medical Center is no exception. Right now we have about 15 positions available that we publish every week on the networks. It is a real situation and we are reviewing all salary scales.”

The official said technicians are paid more than the federal minimum wage.

He added that there is also a shortage of emergency room technicians, such that in recent days around 20 people needed operations and for that reason, only one operation could be carried out.

“It’s a market situation that we can’t control,” he said.

Health Services Administrators Association President Jorge Pesquera said meanwhile that the professional organization he leads is already addressing the lack of surgical technicians in many hospitals in Puerto Rico.

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