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SIF administrator confirms plans to retire

By The Star Staff

The administrator of the State Insurance Fund Corp. (SIF), Jesús Rodríguez Rosa, confirmed on Tuesday his desire to retire soon, after having completed 40 years of work in public service.

“Having completed a process of analysis and introspection about the achievements made in the Corporation these past six years, and having met all the requirements for my retirement, I am seriously evaluating the possibility of retiring from public service in the coming weeks,” Rodríguez Rosa said in a written statement.

Rodríguez Rosa categorically ruled out that his eventual departure from the SIF is related to any ongoing investigation in the Department of Justice and in this regard he clarified that it is he who has made the corresponding referral(s) to the secretary of Justice and/or other supervisory agencies when it has been determined that it is these agencies that have the competence to address certain matters.

“The decision that I eventually make will be the product, solely, of a reflection in which no factor outside my family and the transformation achieved in the Corporation will be a part,” the administrator said.

Regarding a date for his retirement, Rodríguez Rosa said he hopes to announce it in the coming days so as to, among other things, make room for an orderly transition in the agency.

Earlier in the day, Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia said in a radio interview that Rodríguez Rosa would leave office at some point in the not so distant future, because he is retiring.

“He has stated that he […] wants to retire for a long time; we already knew,” Pierluisi told NotiUno.

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