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Small plane crashes in San Juan

Two men were reported injured when a small private plane crashed in Isla Grande on Saturday. They were transported to the Río Piedras Medical Center, with their health condition unknown as of press time.

By The Star Staff

Two men were injured in an accident involving a small plane that was reported on Saturday afternoon, near the Sizzler restaurant, in the Isla Grande section of San Juan.

According to preliminary information, a call through the 9-1-1 Emergency System alerted authorities about a plane accident. Upon arriving at the scene, agents determined that a small plane from a private company had crashed there.

Two men were injured and were transported to the Río Piedras Medical Center. The health condition of the men was unknown as of press time.

Agents from the Puerto Rico Police Bureau, along with personnel from the San Juan Emergency Management Bureau and Fire Department, were attending to the situation at the crash site.

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