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Social aid activated in Cataño after seniors’ residence damaged in accident

In about a week’s time, numerous repairs were made to the damaged residence, including fixing the front wall and installing new windows, along with several other improvements.

By The Star Staff

Cataño Mayor Julio Alicea Vasallo promptly activated the municipality’s social assistance components after a car crashed into the front wall of a house inhabited by senior citizens in the Las Vegas Urbanization, it was reported on Wednesday.

“Within the misfortune that was the accident, we feel satisfied that the resident of the home finally gave us access to her residence and we were able to prepare the house in a dignified manner,” Alicea Vasallo said in a written statement.

In about a week, numerous repairs were made to the residence, including repairing the front wall and installing new windows. The house was pressure washed and painted inside and out. The roof was cleaned and waterproofed, new cabinets were installed, railings were painted, and all interior and exterior doors were replaced. A new bathroom set was also installed, the entire electrical system was repaired and/or replaced, the patio was cleaned, and the living room was completely rebuilt, among other work.

The Citizens’ Assistance Bureau is arranging assistance for which the residents qualify, including a housekeeper. In addition, a local merchant, who preferred to remain anonymous, donated a stove, a refrigerator and a bed. The other household goods and basic necessities were also purchased with municipal funds.

“Our goal is to give them more than a house in good condition, but a home where they can live adequately and cared for,” Alicea Vasallo said, thanking all the municipal officials and brigades.

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