Solar energy project certified in Caguas

By John McPhaul

The Puerto Rico Energy Bureau (PREB) of the Public Service Regulatory Board has certified the Cooperativa de Energía de San Salvador, or “Pirucho Coop,” in Caguas to provide solar electricity generation services in conjunction with storage, the bureau announced Tuesday in a written statement.

In the initial stage, the cooperative will supply energy to eight community members through solar panels installed on the roofs of the residences. All systems have a battery, an inverter, an isolator switch and a meter. Seven of the systems have 14 solar panels, while an eighth system has 27 panels, the PREB noted.

“The Energy Bureau certifies the Petitioner as an Energy Cooperative,” the PREB determined in Resolution NEPR-CT-2020-0003. “In addition, it authorizes the Petitioner to begin operations, in accordance with the provisions of Law 57-2014; Law 258-2018; Law 239-2004; Regulation 8701; and Regulation 9117.”

The validity of the certification will be subject to compliance with the applicable laws, regulations and standards, and the presentation of reports and required certifications, in addition to compliance with orders, resolutions, requirements, verifications and periodic inspections made by the PREB.

“After evaluating the information presented by the Petitioner, the Energy Bureau determined that the projections used to calculate the electricity service rate are reasonable for the operation and maintenance of the proposed system,” the resolution says. “Furthermore, given that the energy cooperative will be offering service to residential customers, the proposed rate is not discriminatory among its customers.”

After several procedural steps, the PREB approved the incorporation clauses and the regulations of the energy cooperative.

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