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Special assistant to Trujillo Alto mayor arrested by feds

Trujillo Alto Mayor José Luis Cruz Cruz

By The Star Staff

The mayor of Trujillo Alto, José Luis Cruz Cruz, reacted on Thursday to the arrest of his special assistant, Radamés Benítez, by FBI agents.

“I am extremely surprised by what just happened,” Cruz said. “I deeply regret this situation, but corruption must be attacked wherever it comes from.”

Given what happened Thursday morning, Cruz Cruz gave instructions to proceed with a summary suspension of Radamés Benítez.

“It remains for us to wait for due process of law. I’m very sorry for what the family is going through,” Cruz said in a written statement. “I tell my people of Trujillo Alto that they can rest assured that the administrative and operational processes will continue as usual. For today I will not be offering more public statements until we have more official details in this regard, and in order to direct the corresponding administrative actions.”

In addition to Benítez, FBI agents placed Guaynabo Mayor Ángel Pérez Otero under arrest Thursday.

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