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SSE to expand into San Juan with hospital, long-term care center

Bishop Rafael Morales Maldonado, president of the San Lucas Episcopal Health System board of directors

By The Star Staff

The San Lucas Episcopal Health System (SSE by its Spanish initials) will acquire a hospital institution and a long-term care center in San Juan with an investment in the millions of dollars, officials said Thursday.

“Today is a historic day for the Episcopal Health System (SSE); with this project we embark on a new path to extend our services to residents of the metropolitan area,” Bishop Rafael Morales Maldonado, chairman of the SSE board of directors, said in a written communication. “Today begins the last stage of the process of what will be the San Lucas Metro Episcopal Hospital and the San Lucas Extended Care Center. With the acquisition we achieve a dream and a goal within our strategic development plan.”

The acquisition agreement includes the purchase of all the real and personal assets that make up the secondary hospital with an operating license for 60 beds, an emergency room, clinical laboratory and the main radiology modalities. In addition, it has institutional pharmacy services and nutrition services, among others.

“We are honored to serve our brethren,” said Juan Salazar Trogolo, chief executive officer of the SSE. “With these new services we continue to strengthen our commitment to the health industry on the island and to seek the holistic well being of Puerto Ricans who need it so much.”

The San Lucas brand, which has provided services for the past 115 years, is expanding into the area of long-term care center services where specialized care is provided to inpatients, who, due to their condition, do not need direct medical supervision provided by a hospital.

“With the arrival of San Lucas in the metro area, we reaffirm that we will continue to provide health services with the quality and safety that the patient needs,” said Elyonel Pontón Cruz, operational executive director of the San Lucas Episcopal Medical Center, which will be the managing entity of the acquired new services. “Above all, we will ensure that care is provided with the compassion, efficiency, integrity, and respect that distinguishes the Medical Faculty and staff that are part of the San Lucas family.”

Pontón Cruz added that he will strengthen the medical faculty, in which doctors from the San Lucas Episcopal Medical Center can treat patients from both institutions and refer them to receive care at their hospital in Ponce.

With the acquisition, in the first phase, some 165 direct and indirect jobs will be created, most of which will be health professionals, in addition to a seven-figure investment in the acquisition of equipment with modern medical technology and remodeling of physical facilities.

The San Lucas Metro Episcopal Hospital and the San Lucas Long-Term Care Center will begin operations next September.

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