Students absent from in-person classes will not take them virtually from the same instructor

By The Star Staff

Education Secretary-designate Elba Aponte Santos said Tuesday that students who do not attend in-person classes will not take the same class, but rather another teacher will provide the course remotely.

“I want to point out that we are moving to a hybrid model and that the modality we are working on is at a distance, now,” Aponte Santos said in response to questions from the press. “Therefore, for students who are in person with that group, there are two alternatives that school organizations and schools have. And it is to use that resource, in this case of English and physical education, so that they continue with the other group giving them at a distance and virtual, but, if it is not the peculiarity of the school, then they can give them jobs at an asynchronous level.”

“We would like the educator to be able to broadcast on the platforms that were being used while we were in person,” she added. “But as of today, it is not a reality of the Department of Education because, although our schools have fiber optics and internet in the offices, they do not have internet in all classrooms.”

The official said she will try to ensure that each classroom has internet service.

Meanwhile, Aponte Santos dismissed rumors that she will resign her appointment and said she will face the confirmation process in the Senate.

“No. I’ve definitely had a chance to get here,” she said. “I’m going through the Senate process. … I am focused on work.”

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