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Students recognized for high scores on College Boards

By The Star Staff

United Way of Puerto Rico President Samuel González said Sunday that he was pleased with the achievement of 40 students who obtained outstanding scores on the College Board exam.

“We recognize their efforts and encourage them to stay firm in their university study plans, always identifying opportunities for growth in which they can also contribute to the communities with their talents and leadership skills,” he said. “With our pillar of education, we promote children and young people to develop their maximum potential and become productive citizens. We appreciate the great commitment of the Act 20/22 group and its economic contribution so that young people can achieve their dreams and continue to positively transform the quality of life in society.”

Enid Concepción, the executive director of Fundación Sociedad 20/22, said “our commitment to education has always been a priority.”

“Supporting these young people who excel in schoolwork is another way to encourage and recognize the work and effort they have put into their academic performance,” she said. “We congratulate the young people and their parents who support them to achieve their goals.”

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