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Students & teachers to participate in bioscience educational summit

The agenda of the free conference is designed in two sessions: one for students and one for teachers and other educators.

By The Star Staff

For the second consecutive year, thousands of students, teachers and educators from public and private schools across the island will have the opportunity to participate in the virtual “Bioscience STEM Summit” as part of an alliance between the EcoExploratorio: Museo de Ciencias de Puerto Rico and the Amgen Foundation.

The event will be held on Friday, Sept. 9, from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. for elementary, middle and high school students, teachers and educators from around Puerto Rico. The Summit will have a broad agenda of lectures led by scientists and experts in bioscience and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) disciplines.

“We are proud to celebrate for the second consecutive year the Bioscience STEM Summit in its virtual modality through our digital platform Virtual Science in alliance with the Amgen Foundation for the benefit of thousands of children, young students, teachers, and educators from public and private schools around the island,” said Jenny M. Guevara, executive director of EcoExploratorio Inc.

The conference agenda is designed in two sessions: one for students and one for teachers and educators. Students will be able to enjoy topics such as Genetic Modification in Animal to Human Organ Transplants; Molecular Biology: DNA, RNA, and Proteins in Cellular Processes; and Cell Biology and the Immune System, among other topics. Teachers and educators will be able to educate themselves on Bioengineering and Human Cell Culture Models, Neurobiology and the Neuroscience School Laboratory, and Atmospheric Microbiology-Microorganisms, among others.

High-profile Puerto Rican scientists working in different fields of science, university professors, and educators specializing in STEM disciplines in Puerto Rico will participate in the summit. In addition, Dr. Ada Monzón, founder of EcoExploratorio Inc., and biomanufacturing company Amgen-Puerto Rico executives will participate.

Aixa Caballer, Amgen Foundation leader and Amgen’s corporate affairs leader in Puerto Rico, said, “the Amgen Foundation is committed to the education of students, teachers and educators in the STEM and bioscience disciplines, and we believe that it is imperative to promote the development of research and critical thinking skills among our students through science, technology, engineering and mathematics.”

“In addition, we provide teachers and educators with the tools necessary for students to achieve their full potential,” she said. “In this way, we prepare students so that they can practice in the future as professionals in these disciplines from Puerto Rico to the world.”

All who participate in the Summit will be awarded a certificate of contact hours upon completing six hours of participation in the event’s conference program.

Those interested in registering and participating in the free educational summit can access the link

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