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Stumbling blocks persist in general elections aftermath

By Pedro Correa Henry

Twitter: @PCorreaHenry

Special to The Star

As the State Elections Commission (SEC) resumes its follow-up work from the Nov. 3 general elections today, stumbling blocks persist with no date set to begin the general scrutiny.

SEC Scrutiny Director Ferdinand Ocasio Vélez said late last week that no such date can be set because since 125 unopened containers were “found” last week with 46,003 ballots in them, “the numbers on electoral records do not add up.”

“As for the records that did not add up, they asked me for ballot containers for 53 tables, which is more or less 50 percent,” Ocasio Vélez said Friday. “The other tables either have not finished tallying records or have already finished adding them up and are in the process of verifying if the result can be uploaded.”

Results had yet to be uploaded to the SEC’s official website at press time Sunday.

As for the ballots associated with the 125 unopened containers, there are 8,927 state ballots, 11,491 legislative ballots, 12,738 municipal ballots and 12,847 statehood plebiscite ballots. All of the ballots had been handled by the Absentee and Early Voting Administrative Board (JAVAA by its Spanish acronym).

In addition, San Juan Superior Court Judge Rebecca de León Ríos ordered a virtual hearing on Tuesday to respond to Citizens Victory Movement (CVM) Electoral Commissioner Olvin Valentín’s mandamus against the SEC.

Valentín requested that the agency release the final lists from early and absentee voting requests broken down by precincts, the number of sent and received early voting ballots, a list of absentee voter requests from Oct. 1 until Oct. 4 and a list of voters who cast their vote early by any method.

The CVM electoral commissioner also requested the number of at-home and mail-in votes that were recorded, a list of returned mail-in voting requests, the number of cases in which JAVAA authorized the pickup of at-home votes, a list of additional at-home voters, and a breakdown of every counted early vote by precinct in each method.

The hearing will be held via Zoom today at 2:30 p.m.

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