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Successful green lighting at the Capitol to commemorate World Mental Health Day

By The Star Staff

For the third consecutive year, the Island of Puerto Rico joined the celebration of World Mental Health Day by illuminating the iconic Capitol building in the Capital City of San Juan in green. Representatives from entities across Puerto Rico gathered to emphasize the need for support from all agencies and organizations that contribute to raising awareness about the importance of addressing mental health issues, especially during these times when Puerto Rico faces numerous challenges related to violence, addiction, and depression.

“This marks the third anniversary of the SOS Mental Health Movement in Puerto Rico, which is part of the October Mental Health Month celebration. We continue to raise awareness about the importance of addressing any mental health disorders. The collaboration between government agencies and the private sector has strengthened this initiative, leading more people to join each day to give greater visibility to the people of Puerto Rico on this issue. We aim to break stigmas and promote the acceptance of seeking help when mental health problems arise,” stated Attorney Marta Rivera Plaza, CEO of the San Juan Capestrano Hospital System.

“The green lighting of such an iconic building as the Capitol is particularly significant because the color green is the international symbol of hope and mental health. As a society, we must come together to raise awareness and eliminate the stigmas surrounding these conditions, adopting more compassionate approaches to emotional health to help the thousands of people whose personal, work, and community lives are impacted by the various challenges facing the population of Puerto Rico,” added Attorney Marta Rivera Plaza.

Dr. Carlos Rodríguez Mateo, Administrator of the Administration of Mental Health and Anti-Addiction Services. (ASSMCA) ; Juan Oscar Morales, Senator from the District of San Juan; Attorney Domingo Cruz Vivaldi (METRO PAVIA System); and Edgardo Reyes Matos (San Lucas) also joined the event.

“We congratulate the organizations working tirelessly in the field of mental health for commemorating World Mental Health Day at the Capitol. With this event, we are fulfilling our mission to improve the quality of life and emotional stability by getting closer to our community, educating them, and raising awareness to change misconceptions, fears, and stigmas that often prevent people from seeking specialized help in a timely manner,” said Juan Oscar Morales, Senator for the District of San Juan.

As part of the activities to educate the general public this October, workshops on the “Primary Emotional Conditions of a New Generation” will be held. These workshops will be conducted in collaboration with Toro Verde Puerto Rico and the Ricky Martin Foundation. They will take place every Friday in October at 10:00 a.m. Interested individuals can call 787-249-4770 to register.

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