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Suicide suspected in death of 9-year-old girl in Caguas

HIMA San Pablo Hospital in Caguas

By The Star Staff

Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of a nine-year-old girl who was pronounced dead when she was taken by her mother to the hospital in Caguas on Tuesday.

The girl was taken by her mother to the HIMA San Pablo Hospital in Caguas, where doctors pronounced her dead on arrival.

The chief of the Criminal Investigation Corps in Caguas, Carlos Alicea Contreras, told the press that the incident is under investigation as a possible suicide, but police do not rule out another reason.

“Today we will continue with the investigation to interview neighbors, relatives, and school personnel, among other things,” Alicea Contreras said.

He added that, if it is established that the reason for her death was suicide, police will try to specify the reasons that the minor could have had for depriving herself of her life, among them: family abuse, bullying, family problems or feelings of deprivation.

According to press reports, police are investigating the possible suicide based on the version of events related by the girl’s mother. No cause of death was reported.

School officials told the press that the girl had attended school on only two days last semester.

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