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Suspect held in Condado double homicide

Apolinar Rondón Santiago reportedly faces charges of first-degree murder and attempted murder, along with several weapons charges.

By The Star Staff

Police said Thursday that in the early morning hours, federal marshals and personnel from the Puerto Rico Police Bureau (PRPD) Strike Force arrested Apolinar Rondón Santiago, 30, on an arrest warrant with a bail of $4 million for a double homicide that occurred Monday at the Ropa Vieja Grill restaurant on Ashford Avenue in El Condado.

Rondón Santiago reportedly faces charges of first-degree murder, attempted murder, risk to safety or public order by firing a firearm, carrying, transporting or using firearms without a license, and firing or pointing firearms.

Judge Sonya Nieves Cordero of the San Juan court, after examining the case, had determined cause for arrest in absentia and imposed a bail of $4 million. The investigation was given to officer José González Pérez of the Criminal Investigations Corps of San Juan.

Prior to the arrest, agents from the PRPD’s Intelligence and Arrests Division were in charge of the search for Rondón Santiago.

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