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Suspect identified in hit-and-run death of 20-year-old woman

Natalia Nicole Ayala

By The Star Staff

The suspect who ran over Natalia Nicole Ayala, while she was changing a tire, and fled the scene has been identified as the tourism director of the municipality of Barceloneta.

Luis Díaz, a police captain and director of the San Juan Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC), said the investigation in the Ayala case is well underway.

The suspect, Carlos Julián Maldonado, the director of the Tourism Office of the Municipality of Barceloneta, has been suspended from his job.

“The person who was in possession of the vehicle was summoned by the Police,” Díaz said in a televised interview. “We have a lot of information, we have strong evidence. Time will prove us right. We are corroborating the information in relation to this accident. The vehicle we have seized has impacts practically according to the scene we are investigating.”

“We have witnesses, we have information, we have the vehicle to analyze and that is why we are going to keep going slowly and seek information to take it to the Department of Justice,” he added.

Díaz also indicated that a rear-view mirror was obtained at the scene that will be used as evidence. Meanwhile, the blue BMW car was to be taken to the Institute of Forensic Sciences for analysis, he said.

After being summoned by the police, Maldonado did not want to cooperate with the authorities and requested a lawyer.

Barceloneta Mayor Wanda Soler said she regretted the situation and reported that the official was suspended from his post pending an administrative investigation.

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