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Suspect in slaying of tourist in Isla Verde turns himself in

Carlos Aníbal Rosado Martínez

By The Star Staff

Authorities announced Wednesday that Carlos Aníbal Rosado Martínez, 23, wanted by authorities for the murder of tourist Tommy Grace, 17, turned himself in at the San Juan Court.

Rosado Martínez faces charges filed in absentia Monday for first-degree murder, two for attempted murder and violations of the Weapons Law, including carrying and using firearms without a license.

Judge Geisa Marrero, of the Carolina Court, validated the charges and issued an arrest warrant for Rosado Martínez and set bail at $1.4 million.

The events date back to 7:30 p.m. on Saturday when Grace, along with his stepfather, Marice Shanron Gaines, 39, and his maternal uncle, Aron Proctor Amani, 30, were spending time on the beach off Gardenia Street, behind the Casa Cuba Beach Club in Isla Verde, and an altercation broke out. It has not yet been revealed what motivated the crime since that evidence has not yet been obtained. The case remains under investigation.

Rosado Martínez was placed under arrest after his voluntary surrender at the San Juan Court.

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