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Tax-free sale days for hurricane season prep Friday-Sunday

By The Star Staff

The sales and use tax (IVU by its Spanish acronym)-free sale of items and equipment for hurricane season preparedness is this weekend starting on Friday, May 24 and continuing through Sunday.

“My exhortation to the public is to take advantage of these IVU-exempt sales of equipment and items to face the hurricane season,” Rep. Ángel Matos García said Monday in a written statement announcing this year’s sale days. “While this sale has been a success for the past two years, we want this year to be no exception. So we remind citizens that from Friday to Sunday, they should take the opportunity to prepare for a hurricane season, which according to experts will be a very active one.”

Law 20 of 2022 authorizes the exemption from the IVU on some 35 items for hurricane season preparation. Among the items are the following:

Containers, tanks and cisterns for fuels and water; hardware, anchors and screws; select lumber items for wind and rain protection, including untreated panels; ropes and tie-downs; zinc building panels; nonperishable food items, including emergency meal kits; water; cleaning and sanitizing supplies; and parts and products for repair and maintenance of generators and emergency solar equipment.

Also IVU-exempt will be equipment such as portable generators whose price does not exceed $3,000; individual batteries or packs; battery-operated or alternative-energy lamps; emergency solar equipment; tools such as drills, circular saws and hammers, among others; gas stoves and burners (not including barbecue grills); gas in cylinders and tanks; emergency or rescue ladders; hurricane shutters; and axes and machetes.

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