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Tax returns available for electronic filing

Acting Treasury Secretary Nelson Pérez Méndez

By The Star Staff

Acting Treasury Secretary Nelson Pérez Méndez announced Monday that the Individual Income Tax Return for the 2023 tax year, whose due date is Monday, April 15, is available for electronic filing.

“Today we begin the tax cycle corresponding to the 2023 tax year,” the official said in a written statement. “Form 482 is available on the Department’s website,, in the Returns, Forms, and Schedules Section, Income Tax area. We urge taxpayers to comply with their fiscal responsibility and take advantage of the incentives available this year.”

Pérez Méndez stressed that everything is ready to receive the electronic filing of returns, start the payment of refunds before the end of February and open the Payroll Filing Centers, in March, to assist citizens who need it.

In the current tax cycle, individuals who file through SURI will find more information integrated into their returns, so the process will be much faster and easier.

“In the 2022 tax year return, the Withholding Vouchers (Form 499R-2/W-2PR) and Form 480.6 were integrated, for primary taxpayers (non-spouses). This year you will also find Forms 480.6A, 480.6B and 480.7C,” Pérez Méndez said. “This represents an important advance, both for citizens and for the Department, because we continue to work to make the experience with filing more agile and simple.”

He urged taxpayers to check their eligibility for several available credits, including the Earned Work Credit. This year, gross earned income and the maximum qualifying credit increased, according to an inflation adjustment certified by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The maximum amount of this benefit to the working class fluctuates from $1,656 to $7,173, depending on each taxpayer’s Gross Earned Income, filing status, and the number of qualified dependents.

“This year, the benefit to the working class will have an estimated increase of $178 million, which represents an additional $233 million to the original cost of the program in 2021,” the acting Treasury chief said. “You can refer to the special section of 2023 Returns, available on our website, to find out about the new lines, which we have available on the page.”

Also available in the current tax cycle is the exemption of up to $40,000 of gross earned income for wages and services rendered during the 2023 tax year for youth between the ages of 16 and 26.

“I remind taxpayers that the Child Tax Credit is still available this year,” Pérez Méndez added. “This credit is requested on the federal return and just like last year, the Department will be supporting the IRS, assisting citizens who qualify, when we begin the Electronic Return Preparation and Filing Centers services in the month of March.”

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