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Teachers Association calls for interagency support for education

By John McPhaul


Puerto Rico Teachers Association President Elba Aponte Santos emphasized in a radio interview Thursday the need for interagency support for education in Puerto Rico.

“The interagency work [must be] with all the agencies, to be able to support the schools in what is education. … [I]f there is a student who is not connecting [for online instruction], then referrals are very important to social workers” in order to connect the student and his or her family with the Family Department, Aponte said in an interview on “Pegaos en la Mañana” on Radio Isla 1320 AM.

“I think we also need to have a campaign to [accomplish] this integration of the family into all the processes and to be able to provide the tools to the parents and the students themselves,” Aponte added. “And the important thing about this campaign, which can be worked on, is that the opportunity they have to study, to have a trained teacher, and that the students can internalize that, is valued.”

The union leader said curriculum content is “[a]nother thing that would have to be reviewed.”

“We have already had [the same] curriculum maps for about 10 years, so I think it is also time to review that curriculum and then see what the general interests are, and the changes we have to make,” Aponte said.

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