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Teachers union demands halt to attendance and punctuality policy

By John McPhaul


Grichelle Toledo, the general secretary of the Puerto Rico Teachers Association, demanded Tuesday that Education (DE) Secretary Eligio Hernández and the designated secretary of Education, Elba Aponte Santos, stop the implementation of the department’s attendance and punctuality policy until it is a transparent and reliable process.

“For years we have denounced the inefficiency of the system that records teacher attendance, and the abrupt implementation of this policy is causing harm to our teachers, who have been notified through the DE-14 [internet] portal that they have [instances of tardiness] or absences that are not real,” Toledo said in a written statement. “This is an abusive practice and it must be stopped, because in the midst of this pandemic we do not need actions that hurt our teachers.”

Toledo said teachers are receiving notifications electronically with confusing information.

“We request that this policy not be implemented until the DE assures us that the process is reliable,” she said. “This action could mean an [adverse] economic impact on our educators, and we believe that in the middle of Christmas it is an attack on the stability of the teaching profession.”

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