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The NPP in Caguas is ready to win the mayor’s office

Roberto López Román makes official his aspiration for the mayor of Caguas under NPP.

By The Star Staff

With the assurance of returning to the people of Caguas a municipal government of honesty, progress, sensitivity and security, the president of the Municipal Committee of the New Progressive Party (NPP) in Caguas, Roberto J. López Román announced today his aspiration to be mayor of the Creole city for the 2024 elections.

With the motto “Caguas is First”, López Román made his candidacy official accompanied by the president of the PNP and governor of Puerto Rico, Pedro R. Pierluisi, members of the community leadership, family, friends and followers, who long for a change of course towards greater progress in the municipality.

“The time has come for Caguas to be ‘penepé’ again. The time has come for Caguas to have a mayor who responds to his people and restores hope to the people. Caguas is demanding a leader with a vision for the people and that is Roberto López. Roberto has listened to the people and knows the problems that plague the city and how to solve them. “He has visited every corner of Caguas and is coming strong to win that mayoralty,” said the governor.

Meanwhile, López Román seemed confident that he will win the general elections, because he has been visiting people and talking about his proposals. He is sure that he has the support of the people of Caguas to achieve a big victory.

“I will be a mayor who will work for the better well-being of all, presenting proposals and solutions to improve our road infrastructure and working hand in hand with Pierluisi so that we have better educational programs, greater economic development and, above all, a city where its residents and visitors feel safe,” he said.

The NPP mayoral candidate assured that Caguas has been under a municipal government led by an absent mayor for decades, who only says he is present in moments that represent an opportunity for him. A person who has dedicated himself to hindering and criticizing the central government, instead of collaborating, presenting ideas, alternatives and seeking solutions to problems for the good of his municipality.

According to López Román, his work agenda is aimed at promoting economic development and job creation. In addition, he has a plan of initiatives to guarantee and strengthen security in the communities. Likewise, he will give special attention to sports and the development of Fine Arts as essential elements to combat social evils.

“I was born and raised in Caguas. I know my town, the people. I know the needs we have. I have heard the claims of a people who are eager for change. That is why I am presenting my aspiration to become the next mayor of this city. I am a public servant by vocation, inspired by service to people, without political considerations or their economic status. I have visited all the communities, where I have met with the leaders of our people, not only from the NPP, but also from the Popular Party. The message has been the same: they want a mayor present, a mayor who will stand up for his people, a mayor who will put Caguas first,” said López Román.

The president of the NPP in Caguas has a master’s degree in Political Science and is in the process of dissertation of doctoral studies in history at Florida International University.

After accompanying López Román in his settlement, Pierluisi will visit Juncos and Las Piedras, as part of the tour in the Christmas celebration to bring joy to the Puerto Rican people.

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