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Thousands of families are still eligible for child tax credit

By The Star Staff

Espacios Abiertos (EA), the Youth Development Institute (IDJ), and the Hispanic Federation constituted as the Alliance for Economic Security, reactivated on Tuesday the campaign “ReclamaTuDineroPR” to facilitate that 100,000 families eligible for the Child Tax Credit or CTC) request get the money they deserve.

“Through the website, people can access information on requirements to qualify, required documents, and steps to follow to complete their application or make an appointment. Those who do not have access to the internet or prefer to communicate directly with a person to receive guidance can do so through 2-1-1, the United Way of Puerto Rico’s community service line,” said Sarah Vázquez, spokesperson for the Institute of Youth Development (IDJ) in written statements.

The Alliance developed several alternatives to assist families in the application process, including face-to-face orientation, electronic portals, and a call center.

In September and October, the Alliance will offer free orientation and help on CTC in 17 centers around Puerto Rico in collaboration with nine community-based organizations.

In the portal, people will be able to obtain information and access the platforms and tools available to complete the “Child Tax Credit” application, including the easy-access application that Code for America developed for the IRS and that it is open to applicants from Puerto Rico since July 2022. This application allows CTC applicants to do so from their phone or computer in a simple and fast way.

At you can also identify the free help center closest to your community and make an appointment. Likewise, people can call the United Way of Puerto Rico community service line, dialing 2-1-1 to receive guidance on how to apply for the “child tax credit” or what to do to know the stage of an application already started.

During February to May, the Alliance developed the ReclamaTuDineroPR campaign in the country’s leading media on the Credit for Work (Earned Income Tax Credit or EITC) and the Credit for a Dependent Minor (Child Tax Credit or CTC). Likewise, Alliance trained and collaborated with public entities and community-based organizations in the preparation of the state form (to request the EITC from the Treasury) and the federal 1040-PR to request the CTC from the IRS (Internal Revenue Service).

According to studies published by Espacios Abiertos and the Youth Development Institute, the sum of both credits would provide unprecedented relief to the pockets of hundreds of thousands of families and an injection into the economy of more than $2.5 billion. However, since the period to request the credit for work (EITC) ended in April, some $863 million have been disbursed. Therefore, the second phase of the Claim Your Money campaign seeks to inform thousands of families apply they still have time to apply for the “Child Tax Credit.”

“After a successful Claim Your Money campaign over the past few months, we have extended this initiative to help ensure that no eligible family is left out of receiving the Credit for Dependent Minors – 2021. In this new phase, it is easier than ever to apply for the CTC from your cell phone through the new GetCTC platform. But for people who need support, we have multiple trusted community organizations throughout the island, prepared to help families complete the processes for free,” said Charlotte Gossett Navarro, principal director of Hispanic Federation Puerto Rico.

“We are convinced that the CTC and EITC relief represents an important tool for many people to overcome the poverty line, but there is still a lot of work to do to address the economic insecurity in which half of our population lives. The resounding support we have from foundations in the United States is eloquent testimony to their confidence in the capacity of our organizations and their commitment to Puerto Rico and our people,” said Cecille Blondet, executive director of Espacios Abiertos.

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