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Ticket sales firm hit with another cyber attack

Shortly after 1 p.m. on Saturday, Ticketera managed to upload its online sales platform again and it was back in service.

By The Star Staff

One of the island’s leading ticket sales centers has suffered a cyberattack.

Ticketera spokesman Daniel Hernández confirmed on Saturday that the firm had been subjected to a new cyberattack, a month after going through a similar event.

“We are confirming that our ticket sales platform suffered a cyberattack,” Hernández said in a written statement. “At about 11 in the morning our technical team became aware of the beginning of an attack with ‘bots’ that so far everything tends to indicate that the intention was to hoard the tickets for sale but the measures we have taken took the platform out of the service line [offline] to prevent them from achieving their goal.”

A little after 1 p.m. on Saturday, the firm’s team managed to upload the online sales platform again and it was back in service.

“Like the previous occasion, our controls managed to be effective,” Hernández said. “The events that are running these days have ticket offices both in Caguas and in the Mall of San Juan. For now, our clients can rest assured that their information has not been compromised. We will let you know of any eventuality through these means.”

In June, the company faced a similar breach during the sale of tickets for various events at the Coca Cola Music Hall.

Each year, businesses and the government are frequent targets of cyber attacks.

In February the STAR reported that Puerto Rico was the target of over 926 million attempted cyberattacks in 2021, according to data from Fortinet, a firm that provides automated cybersecurity solutions.

According to data obtained by FortiGuard Labs, Fortinet’s threat intelligence laboratory, Mexico was the Latin American country that received the most attempted attacks with 156 billion, followed by Brazil with 88.5 billion, Peru with 11.5 billion and Colombia with 11.2 billion.

In January, the Puerto Rico Senate was the target of a cyber attack that disabled its computers and phone system.

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