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Tired of waiting for LUMA, Hormigueros mayor takes streetlight restoration into his own hands

Hormigueros Mayor Pedro García Figueroa

By The Star Staff

Hormigueros Mayor Pedro García Figueroa announced over the weekend that he established Executive Order No. 16 series 2022-2023, which declares a state of emergency in the Municipality of Hormigueros to address the lack of lighting on the roads.

“For more than a year the Municipality of Hormigueros has requested in multiple meetings that LUMA Energy LLC address the problem of poor lighting on municipal roads, secondary and tertiary state highways, and on the PR-2 state highway in the jurisdiction of Hormigueros,” the mayor said in a written statement. “LUMA has not addressed this serious problem that results in a lack of safety for citizens, as well as puts the lives of all drivers at risk by not having good visibility on the roads.”

“Citizens as well as emergency management personnel have made multiple calls and negotiations with LUMA officials without any result,” García Figueroa added.

The second section of the executive order directs the Hormigueros Office of Municipal Emergency Management & Disaster Management and Department of Public Works to activate all necessary resources of the municipality to help repair and illuminate all roads and communities in the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Hormigueros in cases where LUMA does not promptly begin repairing all public lighting. All the efforts and works that the municipality will carry out to restore lighting on the roads and communities of Hormigueros will be carried out under the direction and instructions of the mayor or his authorized representatives, and after five days of having notified LUMA that the work of repair, reconstruction, restoration or normalization of the lighting of all roads and communities in the jurisdiction of Hormigueros will begin.

It also authorizes the purchase of materials, the contracting of private services and lease and/or purchase of equipment, as well as the hiring of the necessary personnel to address the emergency and to be able to reestablish lighting service on the roads and in communities in the jurisdiction of Hormigueros. The town’s finance director is authorized to identify the funds necessary to fulfill the purposes of the emergency and to make the necessary transfers of accounts and items to fulfill the same purposes.

Likewise, the executive order specifies that the personnel of the municipality or those hired to carry out the work must be trained and experienced. At all times they must follow all safety protocols established for such work and any other necessary procedures and safety measures that are required.

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