Toll fines back in effect Thursday: DTOP

By John McPhaul

The island Department of Transportation and Public Works reminded the general public Tuesday that as of July 1, Thursday, any vehicle that passes through highway tolls and does not have enough balance to pay the amount of the toll will have up to five calendar days (120 hours) to make the payment or if not, the driver will receive a ticket where in addition to paying the toll, he or she must pay the fine.

Also, DTOP encourages users to complete the registration process on the AutoExpreso Móvil platforms and the AutoExpreso website. The registration process is quick, simple and beneficial for all highway users under the pre-payment system. It is important, in turn, that the user can update his or her account and pay the tolls owed.

The tolls due can be paid immediately using the applications and the website, and carry no penalty.

“Registering your AutoExpreso seal represents benefits for drivers, including having in their hands, in real time, the balance of their toll account. Being in real time, each driver can verify the amount paid and the balance available in their account. Currently it is not necessary to register a credit card, which puts drivers in control of the amount of money that they wish to add to their account as they plan their trip,” DTOP Secretary Eileen Vélez Vega said. “In those cases where drivers want their debit to be automatic, they also have the option to include a card that will debit the amount that the user determines.”

Highways and Transportation Authority Executive Director Edwin González Montalvo said that “[i]n Puerto Rico it is the law that each user, when purchasing the AutoExpreso seal, must register it and create their account in the mobile application or website.”

“Registered accounts receive alerts by text messages or emails when their balance is low or negative and this helps them to recharge on time to avoid infractions,” he said. “In addition, it allows the user to see their balances in real time.”

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