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Top cop: You’d have to be inside a murderer’s head to prevent stalking killings

Police Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa

By The Star Staff

Six of the eight homicides that occurred over the past weekend were committed by perpetrators who stalked their victim and were related to drug trafficking, a situation that is impossible for police to prevent, Police Commissioner Antonio López Figueroa said Monday.

“Those are stalking deaths. You have to be in a person’s psyche to know if he or she is going to commit the crime of murder or not,” López Figueroa said at a press conference. “They are people who expect the victim to be vulnerable because he has been hired to be able to kill that individual.”

“These murders are linked to drug trafficking. As soon as the murder occurs, we make investigative groups with all the units of the new division of Assistant Superintendence of Special Operations and the Assistant Superintendence of Criminal Investigations,” the police commissioner added. “These teams join to work together to solve [the killings] and go after those individuals that we know firsthand were involved in that incident, either by drugs or by firearms.”

López Figueroa said that both for Halloween and the previous weekend, the interventions by the Highway Patrol Division, the investigative branch, have increased with the establishment of 12-hour shifts, and operations conducted in conjunction with the Department of Treasury and directed toward preventing violent activities.

The police chief’s comments came at the end of a meeting at La Fortaleza with Gov. Pedro Pierluisi Urrutia and the secretaries of Public Safety, Alexis Torres, and Justice, Domingo Emanuelli Hernández.

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