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Top influencers invited to help market Puerto Rico tourism

Sen. Keren Riquelme Cabrera

By The Star Staff

It’s no secret the internet has taken over our lives. It used to be that people would gush about celebrities on TV, while today people still get excited to see their favorite celebrities, but some of these “celebrities” are not known on TV. These individuals, who are known as influencers, derive most if not all their popularity from social media.

Without a doubt, having a certain amount of popularity can have an impact on overall society. As stated in “Spiderman” (2002), “with great power comes great responsibility,” and some influencers have decided to use their power for something good. A group of such influencers met late last week with at-large Sen. Keren Riquelme Cabrera as well as officials from the Puerto Rico Tourism Company; Discover Puerto Rico, island’s destination marketing organization (DMO); the Puerto Rico Corporation for Public Broadcasting (WIPR); and the Department of Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC by its Spanish acronym), among others, with the purpose of providing aid to continue promoting domestic tourist destinations.

Among the proposals are collaborative agreements with the DMO, integration opportunities with some of the Tourism Company’s marketing platforms, and the granting of economic incentives through the DDEC Trade and Export Program.

Among the influencers who attended the meeting were Carlos Rivera from “Meet Puerto Rico,” Wanda Yurissa Rodríguez from “Wanda Yurissa,” Gloriani Beauchamp from “Jeva Viajera,” Omar Canales from “Tirate Puerto Rico,” Wilfredo Díaz from “Callejeando Puerto Rico” and Edwin Díaz from “Turisteando en Puerto Rico.”

“As a senator I am very proud of all you, who had a dream and worked hard to achieve it,” said Riquelme, who organized the forum. “What you do, from the heart and organically, has transcended beyond just reaching other people, not only in Puerto Rico, but also in the states and other countries. We want to give them the tools to continue growing and contributing to our tourism industry, which employs around 93,400 people. You are important in this infrastructure.”

Edward Zayas, the chief strategy officer at Discover Puerto Rico, emphasized that the island has become an important destination for European countries, including Spain, from which a direct flight arrives every day, as well as Canada and Colombia, among others.

“We believe in decentralizing tourism,” Zayas said. “Tourism is not just San Juan, which is tremendous, it is also the entire island. Part of our promotion is to capture the other places outside of San Juan. You ‘influencers’ are doing very well. We have tools to help them.”

Díaz, from “Turisteando en Puerto Rico,” said the forum was “the first time we have been contacted by the government and we are very excited about this opportunity.”

Rivera added that “we want to develop tourism in Puerto Rico, and it gives me great satisfaction to be part of this effort to promote our island.”

“Forums like this give us an opportunity to continue promoting the beautiful destinations that Puerto Rico has for everyone to enjoy,” he said.



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