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Torres Cruz of PDP files to run for at-large House seat

By The Star Staff

Former Popular Democratic Party (PDP) electoral commissioner Ramón Torres Cruz filed his candidacy for an at-large seat in the House of Representatives for the PDP on Sunday in San Juan.

“Puerto Rico faces great challenges and from the House of Representatives we will be promoting legislation aimed at addressing the country’s priority issues, such as public safety, education, access to efficient medical services and environmental protection,” Torres Cruz said in a written statement. “My desire is to serve Puerto Rico, to put all my energy and professional experience into the causes that unite us and not those that separate us.”

Accompanied by his wife, his daughter and his closest supporters, Torres Cruz presented the documents required for the position at the headquarters of the Popular Democratic Party in Puerta de Tierra.

“As part of that new generation that assumes its responsibilities for the future, I express my desire to serve the country from the House of Representatives,” the candidate said. “My priority will be to work to facilitate government processes and the proper management of public resources.”

Torres Cruz is a lawyer by profession and a university professor. Additionally, during 2015 he served as assistant secretary of the Correction and Rehabilitation under the administration of former Gov. Alejandro García Padilla, and at present he serves as legislative adviser to the Senate Legal Committee.

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