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Torres de Sabana public housing complex to be imploded

After Torres de Sabana Public Housing project in Carolina is demolished next month, planning is expected to begin for a mixed-use housing complex on the site.

By The Star Staff

Rep. Ángel Matos García announced Monday that on the morning of Aug. 7, the old Torres de Sabana Public Housing project in Carolina will be demolished by means of implosion in coordination with the island Housing Department and Public Housing Administration, and Mora Housing Development.

“We already have a final date for the demolition through the mechanism of implosion of the towers that remain of the old Torres de Sabana complex, so we will be visiting and orienting the community of Sabana Gardens and sectors of Valle Arriba Heights so that they take the due measures, precautions or evacuate the place in the cases that are necessary,” said Matos García, who filed House Resolution 262 in February 2021 to evaluate the demolition of Torres de Sabana.

In the next few days, information sheets will be distributed to residents near Torres de Sabana on the implosion process, the time of the detonations and the residents who will have to be relocated during the procedure, both in the Sabana Gardens area and in the Valle Arriba Heights sector. On Aug. 2 at 3:30 p.m. there will be an orientation on the process for the residents of both areas.

“I am grateful to the secretary of Housing for his diligence and the public housing administrator who have been able to advance the processes for the demolition of this residential complex that had a delay of more than four years,” Matos García said. “This demolition is for the benefit of all residents of the 40th District of Carolina.

“Once [the old complex is] demolished, the Department of Housing will coordinate the redevelopment of a mixed-use housing complex for the enjoyment of all Carolinians, which will serve the housing needs of the region,” the legislator added. “It has been 10 years of great struggles for this project to be demolished, since it did not meet the quality and safety standards required by public housing residents. In the 21st century, once the remnants of Torres de Sabana have been [removed], it is now time to finish the cleanup work to begin designing the new project for the benefit of all Puerto Ricans.”

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