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Transition hearings begin in Guaynabo

Government transition hearings in Guaynabo began Monday, with former secretary of the Treasury and former commonwealth comptroller Manuel Díaz Saldaña presiding.

By John McPhaul

Guaynabo Mayor Edward O’Neill Rosa announced that transition hearings in the municipality began Monday, with the former secretary of the Treasury and former comptroller of Puerto Rico, Manuel Díaz Saldaña, presiding.

“I have been in office for about 15 days and it is important to know the management of finances and federal funds in the Municipality,” O’Neill Rosa said in a written statement. “In the operational area, despite the few days that have passed, we have begun to direct the work that goes directly to the communities, but it is necessary to have an X-ray of how and for what public funds have been used. Everything will continue to be conducted within a framework of transparency and I hope to have the full collaboration of the directors of the previous administration.”

O’Neill Rosa said work will begin with the following municipal agencies: Department of Finance, Information Technology Office, Office of Management and Budget, Office of Purchases and Supplies, Office of Federal Programs and Office of Internal Audit.

The new mayor set up a team of professionals for his transition committee, composed of Julio C. Vega Acosta, who will serve as executive director, and is a former administrator of the Municipality of Guaynabo; former independent prosecutor Ernie Cabán; engineer Sergio González, a former secretary of the Department of Transportation and Public Works; economist Dr. Ramón Cao; Dr. Enrique Vázquez Vázquez; and engineer Daniel Pagán Rosa. O’Neill Rosa complemented the working group with several officials with extensive knowledge in public administration and management of federal funds.

The hearings are taking place at Yolanda Guerrero Cultural Center on Albolote Street and will be broadcast on the social networks of the Autonomous Municipality of Guaynabo. All safety measures for the prevention of COVID-19 will be taken.

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