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Treasury chief: Nonprofit linked to arrested Canadian fugitive should be investigated

Treasury Secretary Francisco Parés Alicea, at lectern

By John McPhaul

Treasury Secretary Francisco Parés Alicea said Monday that the link between the nonprofit Karma Honey Project Corp. and arrested Canadian fugitive Conor Vincent D’Monte (AKA Jonathan Williams) should be investigated.

“In general, the department looks at and evaluates what is happening in the environment, the corresponding referrals are made to the different authorities, complaints are filed when these things happen,” Parés Alicea said in response to questions from the press.

“When questions arise that are raised before the consideration of the Department of the Treasury, it is our responsibility to take the pertinent actions,” he added.

Parés Alicea said the possibility exists of the aforementioned entity losing its nonprofit status.

However, for legal reasons, he could neither confirm nor deny that an investigation into Karma Honey Project Corp. exists or will begin.

Federal Marshal in Puerto Rico Wilmer Ocasio said D’Monte (who used the name Jonathan Williams in Puerto Rico) was identified by Canadian authorities as the leader, between 2008 and 2009, of the criminal organization “The United Nations” (UN), also known as the “Global United Nations Syndicate” (GUNS). The criminal organization is made up primarily of Canadians of European origin, East Asian First Nations and Iranians.

On Jan. 24, 2011, a Canada-wide arrest warrant was issued for D’Monte for first degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

The subject was arrested on Friday afternoon in the Isla Verde area.

Meanwhile, Economic Development and Commerce (DDEC) Secretary Manuel Cidre Miranda said Monday that the names Jonathan Williams, Johnny Williams or Conor Vincent D’Monte are not registered for tax exemption under Law 22-2012, as amended, known as the Act to Incentivize the Relocation of Individual Investors to Puerto Rico, or under the Individual Investor program of Act 60-2019, as amended, known as the Puerto Rico Incentives Code.

“Therefore, information published in some media outlets indicating the opposite is wrong,” Cidre Miranda said in a written statement.

Meanwhile, the DDEC secretary said Karma Honey Project Corp., a nonprofit organization for which the person in question worked, does not have nonprofit status under Laws 20-2012, 22-2012, or Law 60-2019.

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