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Treasury mission strengthened as tax agents complete continuing ed courses

Some 214 internal revenue agents and special tax agents completed 17 technical continuing education courses. (UPR Bayamón)

By The Star Staff

Acting Treasury Secretary Nelson Pérez Méndez, along with Office of Human Resources Administration and Transformation (OATRH by its initials in Spanish) Director Zahira Maldonado and University of Puerto Rico Bayamón Campus Chancellor Dr. Miguel Vélez Rubio, recognized on Tuesday 214 internal revenue agents and special tax agents who completed 17 technical continuing education courses.

“We are committed to keeping our agents up to date with the best work tools,” Pérez Méndez said in a written statement.

Internal revenue agents are responsible for the imposition of taxes including the sales and use tax, in addition to providing guidance on the Internal Revenue Code and applicable laws. Special tax agents investigate possible violations of tax laws.

“The OATRH, in coordination with the Bayamón Campus of the UPR and the Treasury Department, joined forces through the ALI-UPR Alliance to make this academy a reality,” Maldonado said.

Vélez Rubio added: “We are proud to collaborate in this continuing education initiative.”

The courses, coordinated under Law 8-2017, began on May 2, 2023 and ran until last Tuesday.

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