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Trujillo Alto mayor issues statement on sexual harassment complaint

Trujillo Alto Mayor Pedro Rodríguez González

By The Star Staff

Trujillo Alto Mayor Pedro Rodríguez González issued a statement Monday on an administrative complaint of sexual harassment filed against him by a municipal employee on May 3.

“The legal and human resources team of the municipality are working diligently with the established protocol and in the greatest willingness to provide all the requested information so that this case can be resolved as soon as possible with the confidentiality it deserves,” Rodríguez González said in a written statement.

The mayor said: “Confident that I have not committed any illegal or immoral act, my main focus is to continue leading the administrative, operational and service work, continue to move forward with the allocation of federal funds and direct large-scale projects for my Trujillo people.”

Rodríguez González added that he would not make further statements on the subject for the time being.

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