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Trujillo Alto mayoral candidate expects 4,000 PDP voters at the polls Saturday

Pedro Rodríguez González

By John McPhaul

During a tour of the various rural communities on Sunday, former senator Pedro “Pedrito” Rodríguez González, a candidate for mayor of Trujillo Alto for the Popular Democratic Party (PDP), said he expects more than 4,000 PDP voters to go to the polls to participate in the town’s primary on Saturday, July 16.

“There is surprising enthusiasm. Trujillo Alto is a PDP municipality. In fact, in the 2020 elections, more than 11,800 commonwealthers voted,” Rodríguez González said while visiting La Gloria community neighborhoods in Trujillo Alto. “Right now there are five candidates for mayor, and we all believe that we are going to prevail. People demand more attention, they want something different, a candidate who focuses on services, job creation and projects. In my administration, the employees of the Trujillo Alto Municipal Government will receive maximum attention; we will initiate a retraining process in all dependencies so that we can stimulate the skills and abilities of all of them to the maximum.”

“For a ‘More Efficient Government’ in the Mayor’s Office of Trujillo Alto, a Contract Evaluation Committee will be created that will work hand in hand with the Auction Board, the Department of Finance and the auditors of the Municipality of Trujillo Alto,” Rodríguez González vowed. “We will establish new regulations for awarding contracts in consultation with the Office of the Comptroller, the Department of Justice, and the Government Budget Office. We will ask the Municipal Legislature to make all the work sections public so that the people can participate either in person, or from the comfort of their home or workplace.”

To that end, the candidate said he would submit municipal legislation so that the transmission or visual dissemination of all the activities of the Municipal Legislature is approved “so that we are all an open book for the benefit of the people of Trujillo.”

“I will call on the people to offer ideas and suggestions that help improve the quality of services offered in all dependencies of the Municipality of Trujillo Alto,” Rodríguez González said. “Citizens have to be part of the municipal government.”

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