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Trump the Troglodyte

By Frank Bruni

There are leaders who are ahead of their times, leaders who are behind their times, and then there’s Donald Trump, who comes from another time altogether. He’s stuck somewhere closer to the Stone Age than to Stonewall. And the Supreme Court just told him so.

In a 6-3 decision, the justices ruled on Monday that gay and transgender people are protected by a landmark federal civil rights law. It was a stunning milestone in LGBTQ progress. It was also a major slap at Trump, whose administration has gone perversely far out of its way not merely to halt advances during the Obama years but to turn back the clock.

The court, even with two Trump appointees, moves with the illuminated society around it. Trump just grovels before his blinkered base. And while Trump is often clueless about public opinion, the court seems to be at least loosely tethered to it, as with a 5-4 ruling on Thursday that nixed his intended scuttling of a program that protected immigrants known as Dreamers from deportation. In some polling, about three-quarters of Americans support that program.

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