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‘Tun Tún’ arrested following exchange of gunfire minutes after leaving court

By The Star Staff

Agents from the island Department of Correction and Rehabilitation and the Puerto Rico Police Bureau arrested Delwin Berríos Navarro, known as “Tun Tún,” after a shootout in the Limones sector of Yabucoa on Tuesday, shortly after leaving a court hearing.

During the incident, Ángel Berríos Navarro, a brother of “Tun Tún,” was injured and taken to a hospital.

The conflict occurred after Berríos Navarro’s participation in the Humacao court for a criminal process related to a murder. The Humacao Prosecutor’s Office filed the charges.

The injured brother, prior to Tuesday’s incident, had manipulated a shackle to escape, prompting an extensive police operation to find him.

The Intelligence and Arrests Division of Humacao seized a weapon that had been altered to fire automatically. Delwin Berríos Navarro had been under electronic supervision since last week after Judge Martín Ramos Junquera granted him habeas corpus.

The car from which the Berríos Navarro brothers were shot at lost control, hitting a utility pole. Authorities are searching for the occupants, who were considered armed and dangerous.

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