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Two new insurance plans now available to island drivers

Noé Marcano Rivera, executive director of the Automobile Accident Compensation Administration

By The Star Staff

The Automobile Accident Compensation Administration (ACAA by its Spanish initials) has begun to offer two new insurance coverages, Plus and Premium, for island motorists.

Both products seek to increase benefits and compensation for traffic accidents and became available Tuesday.

ACAA Executive Director Noé Marcano Rivera said the public corporation recognizes the economic difficulties that families in Puerto Rico face due to the consequences of traffic accidents.

“For this reason, we have designed two new free-selection products that provide more compensation and financial support to the [insured driver’s] spouse and minor children in the event of death or loss of a limb due to a motor vehicle accident,” he said.

For $50 per year, the Plus coverage offers medical-hospital services, grants $75,000 to the insured driver’s spouse, and up to $70,000 to dependent children in the event of death. Likewise, it provides a maximum of $75,000 in the event of loss of a limb and $5,000 for funeral expenses.

The Premium coverage, which costs $70 per year, includes services under the current medical-hospital coverage. Compensation to the spouse of a driver killed in an accident can go up to $92,000, while dependent children also can receive a maximum of $92,000 in compensation. In the case of dismemberment, the coverage will award up to a maximum of $100,000, and $8,000 for funeral expenses.

Marcano Rivera stressed that to obtain the services, drivers must choose one of the three coverage options, the Basic as a mandatory premium or one of the two new alternatives (Premium or Plus). The coverage can be obtained when a driver renews the vehicle’s registration via an inspection sticker, known locally as a “marbete.” The digital Driver Services Center (CESCO by its Spanish acronym) in the Department of Transportation and Public Works provides the service and benefits information.

“We are transforming the Corporation, adding new alternatives, and creating value through our service focused on maintaining our vision,” the ACAA chief said. “Over 55 years, we have helped rehabilitate thousands of people who received some trauma or injury in an accident. With these new products, we expand options and provide an economical alternative allowing drivers to ensure their well being and the safety of their family.”

ACAA estimates that 40% of drivers will opt for one of the new alternatives due to the added value and security they provide to families and dependents.

ACAA currently provides coverage for medical-hospital services, chiropractic services, convalescent homes, rehabilitation, medical equipment and medications for those injured in a motor vehicle accident.

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