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U.N. expresses horror at mass graves in Libya

By Declan Walsh

The United Nations chief expressed horror at the discovery of at least eight mass graves in Libya in recent days and called for a prompt and transparent investigation into possible war crimes.

The graves were uncovered after fighters loyal to Khalifa Hifter, whose 14-month campaign to capture Tripoli, Libya, collapsed in recent weeks, retreated from Tarhuna, Libya, 40 miles southeast of the capital.

The mass graves were a grim reminder of the atrocities on all sides of Libya’s chaotic war, a conflict fed by foreign powers seeking strategic advantage or a share of the country’s vast energy reserves, but which is led by lawless Libyan militias that behave with impunity.

Since he launched himself into the war in 2014, Hifter, who is backed by Russia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates, has sought to present himself as the leader of a disciplined, national military force. But his troops have faced accusations of serious crimes.

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