Union leader denounces lack of personnel at cultural sites

By John McPhaul

ProSol-UTIER Chapter President Javier Rodríguez Cedeño on Monday denounced the lack of personnel present at Institute of Puerto Rican Culture (ICP by its Spanish initials) headquarters in Old San Juan as well as at island museums and parks.

“Currently at the ICP there are around 282 vacant positions that represent the need of almost 77% of our staff,” Rodríguez Cedeño said. “This translates into an overload for the 84 unionized employees we represent. This is a total incongruity, since on the one hand the agency does not cover the vacancies of essential personnel, but on the other, it hires employees to carry out the tasks that were previously carried out by the agency’s regular personnel.”

The union leader added that ICP Executive Director Carlos Ruíz Cortés stated in the transition hearings that the agency could lose about 60 additional positions.

The ICP, Rodríguez Cedeño said, is in a tough battle against the dismantling of the central government, which has been amplified by the mandate of the federal Financial Oversight and Management Board, resulting in the deterioration of the physical plant at the agency’s headquarters, as well as other buildings, parks and museums.

“We make this clear and forceful signal against the dismantling of the governmental agency that represents the memory and collective history of the country, at a time when society needs it most,” the union leader said.

“We ask our governors and administrators, how is it that there is no money for career positions and there is money for contracts and political favoritism?” Rodríguez Cedeño said.

“What really is the policy of the new governor for culture?”

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