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Union: State Dept. seeks to lock in trust employees

By John McPhaul


For the second time, the Puerto Rico State Department intends to lock in two trust employees of the current government administration, General Workers Union President Gerson L. Guzmán López charged Monday.

“Once again they return to the [same behavior], announcing the opening of internal calls for the positions of executive officer and deputy director of the Division of Examining Boards,” Guzmán López said. “These calls, even if they do not violate the provisions of the electoral ban, because they have the necessary dispensations, they have no justification because they can wait to comply with the mandate of that law.”

The union leader said the act of accommodating two officials who belong to and respond to the current administration, which has been characterized by its refusal throughout the current four-year governmental term to improve the employment conditions of all personnel, has raised great indignation among employees of the State Department.

The union leader also questioned whether there is money to fill the aforementioned senior management positions, but not to provide salary justice to the other employees of the agency.

“In addition to constituting immorality, it constitutes an affront to the State Department workers who previously denounced and achieved the suspension of appointments of people to permanent positions of trust by the current administration during this electoral ban period,” Guzmán López said. “Once again we reiterate our claim and call on the ethical sense of those who intend to govern the country with equity for all and not for the partisan political benefit of a privileged minority.”

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