Unions form a common front against LUMA Energy

By John McPhaul

Labor organizations announced Thursday the creation of the Frente Amplio Todo Puerto Rico Contra LUMA (All-Puerto Rico Anti-LUMA Coalition), along with several actions to request the cancellation of the government’s contract with LUMA Energy to operate the island’s electric power grid.

“As we had anticipated, yesterday [Wednesday] about 20 unions met to outline the work plan, logistics and dates of the next activities that will be carried out, rejecting the contract with LUMA Energy and requesting its cancellation,” said María del Mar Rosa, organizational coordinator of the Puerto Rican Association of University Professors.

Rosa said the Frente Amplio Todo Puerto Rico Contra LUMA includes other organizations from civil, political and community society.

“The fight against LUMA transcends the unions, this is a country fight,” she said in a written statement. “In this coalition there are different organizations with a single purpose, to get LUMA out of Puerto Rico.”

Rosa announced that on Saturday at 1 p.m. the organization will conduct a caravan from Playas pal Pueblo to Puente Dos Hermanos in San Juan.

“The activities continue,” Rosa said. “Some of them will be made public [in advance], like the one we will have this Saturday, others will be a surprise, but all in order to continue educating about the disastrous nature of the LUMA contract for the country and asking for its cancellation.”

The contract with LUMA Energy is for a 15-year term to operate the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority’s transmission and distribution system.

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